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  • Question – How will I determine whether or not I have won?

Answer – After you have finished the Rosslistens questionnaire, you will be asked to give your contact information so that we can get in touch with you if you end up winning.

  • Question – How many times a day should I make an effort to participate?

Answer – You need simply contribute once every day to fulfill the participation requirement. If you go over the limit more than once, the system will cancel out any other opportunities you had.

  • Question – How many different avenues do I have available to me to engage in Rosslistens? 

Answer – You have the option of participating in the online survey that the firm has provided, or you may write to them at the address shown on their website. 

  • Question – To participate in the Rosslistens sweepstakes, is it necessary for me to first make a purchase from the store?

Answer – The corporation claims that making the purchase is not obligatory in any way. You are able to still take part by making use of alternate methods such as the mail. 

  • Question – How helpful is the information that I provided on Rosslistens? 

Answer – Your comments are taken into consideration when decisions are made regarding the quality of the services that are provided to you. For instance, if you make a complaint, the business will address your concerns and work to enhance the aspects that you highlighted.

This indicates that you may be of assistance to the firm. These also entice potential purchasers. In exchange for your opinion, you will be given the opportunity to take part in the survey and be entered into a drawing to win incentives. 

Participating in the Rosslistens customer feedback survey gives you the opportunity to earn enormous prizes, including a chance to win $1,000 in the survey’s grand prize drawing. This is of epic proportions. Your receipt, which contains the entrance code, is the only thing that is required.

The website offers a number of benefits, the most notable of which are free and open participation, as well as straightforward inquiries from the survey. If you purchase at any of the businesses, be sure not to forget to fill out the survey so that your opinions can be considered, and so that you may be entered into a drawing to win gift cards. Please use this link to sign up for the event.

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